Navneet Gems and Minerals is the best one stop solution for Wholesale Tanzanite. We are wholesale dealer of Tanzanite gemstones all over the world.

We import stunning and extraordinary gems from the place of mining. We have our manufacturing units in India and Thailand. Wholesale Tanzanite is available in colors vary from blue to violet it is exclusively used in jewelry.

The name of this stone is originated from its finding place i.e. Tanzania. The best feature of tanzanite stone is its lovely blue color. We produce these stones in almost all sizes and cut. If you want to know more about Wholesale Tanzanite, you can write us at

Tanzanite Cabochons Tanzanite Cabochons Tanzanite Cab

Deep Tanzanite

We can provide you the Tanzanite gemstones according to your wish. We take special care to maintain the quality of Wholesale Tanzanite as these stones are relatively soft. We provide you assurance of great quality with 100% money back guarantee. We have a cruise of excellent craftsmanship, which help us providing you the best and according to trend gemstones.

We have earned pride in delivering the finest Wholesale Tanzanite gems since years. Please check out our all varieties of Wholesale Tanzanite gemstones by browsing our online catalogue. We have much more than displayed in our website.

We have been having A color to D block (Top quality) in Tanzanite gemstones. Mostly cut stones quality come clean and cabochons come in A to AA quality (Good color but inclusions). We have both calibrated and free size cabs and faceted stones in all grades. Know more about origin, price and color chart of Tanzanite

Tanzanite 5 carat
Top color and quality Tanzanite gemstones pear shape