Navneet Gems is a supplier, manufacturer of Wholesale African Amethyst, straight from the mines.

African Amethyst is Amethyst from the African Continent, especially the countries in the South of Africa. Amethyst from Africa is considered to be one of the most highest class of the Amethyst group. Its brilliance in color, hue, and sparkle doesnt match those of the Brazillian Amethyst.

Looking for a Supplier of African Amethyst?
If you are looking to buy/source African Amethyst, be it a few pieces or African Amethyst in bulk, Navneet Gems can take care of your requirements. Our factories are consistently making all the different sizes for stock purposes, and also on an Order basis. Do not look any further. Please contact us.

The use of African Amethyst
African Amethyst was the highest used Gem in the amethyst category, Im talking about the 20th Century, especially the late 20th Century. Later than this Semi Precious gemstone started to fade away, because of many reasons. The miners of African Amethyst in the mining locations in Africa, started facing a reduced supply of this High quality amethyst class, Amethyst was less abundant now, this affected world markets, every market that used African material for their Amethyst requirement. Once the supply decreased, the demand was still persistenly high due to the usage of African Amethyst since so many past years in their Gold and Silver jewellery. This had a straight effect on the prices of this material. Prices shot up, and since then the prices have gone higher and higher, as the demand has decreased and Jewellery companies, and Gemstone resellers have started to use the Brazillian Amethyst more frequently, again because of a lower price of mining, and a huge supply available.

Prices of African Amethyst
The Prices of African Amethyst was constant until the early 21st century, when as mentioned above, the supply of African Amethyst reduced considerbly. This made a huge impact in the price of this Gemstone. Prices for the Top quality (Which was starting to get rarer) shot up 20-30% in a matter of few months. Since then prices have increased tremendously, as the material started to get rarer. Now prices of African Amethyst, in big sizes, 20 carats+ is anywhere between 20$/carat, to 100$/carat.

This post about African Amethyst, was for those people, be it individual Jewellers, or Wholeasle Gem dealers, or Individuals who get fascinated by this amazing Amethyst class, please get in touch with us.